We are sure of one thing: the real demands on a watch have never really changed over the course of time – and therefore the core values of Joh. Rothmann have also remained unchanged: precision, quality and design.

The spirit of innovation and the constant striving for precision in the smallest details are the hallmarks of the work and mind-set of all our staff. Day in, day out, the united drive and energy of our entire workforce creates a new wealth of little works of art – the ladies’ and gents’ wristwatches so typical of Joh. Rothman and so appreciated by our customers all over the world. Joh. Rothmann watches have always been brands with a vision. We are not interested in following trends – our vision is rather to create unique watches, which will themselves be trend-setters.. However diverse the unrivalled Joh. Rothmann collection may be, we continue to be true to our particular standard of traditional hand-crafted excellence combining state-of-the-art technology and inspired design. In this way our desire to bring the traditional and the modern into harmony encompasses both technology and design. At Joh. Rothmann we are truly concerned to combine watch technology and aesthetic design language and thus to create unique, incomparable masterpieces of the watchmaker’s art. Every Joh. Rothmann watch radiates this passion for wristwatches. And this is what makes every watch bearing our trade name so unique, so that we can say proudly:

JOH. ROTHMANN – the finest watches and precision instruments.